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Below is a list of questions that we often encounter. We are always here to help you, if your question is not answered below do not hesitate to contact us. Feel free to call us at

(239) 267- 4042 or (888) FLA 401K.


Our Customer Service email address is: CSR@Edisonfinancial.com



Q. Where is your office?

 A. We have two offices.  Our corporate headquarters is Fort Myers, FL.  Edison Insurance Services has a branch office in Winter Springs, FL. 


Q. Can you help if we are outside of those areas?
A. Yes.  Our licenses allow us to work throughout the state of Florida.


Q. What type of insurance do you sell?

A. Everything.  We are licensed to provide every type of insurance from commercial & residential property insurance, business, workers' comp, as well as life & health.


Q. What type of real estate services do you offer?

A. We can help you find a home, whether you are looking to buy or rent.  As members of the Orlando Regional Realtor Association and the Cape Coral Association of Realtors, we can also help you sell your current home. You’ll have national as well as international exposure. We also offer property management services, too.


Q. What other financial services do you offer?

A. We offer fixed annuities from some of the strongest life insurance companies in the world.  We can also help you diversify your IRA by investing in real estate.


Q. Are your agents available after regular business hours?

A. Of course. Whether you need a real estate agent or an insurance agent, we can work around your schedule.

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